Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Does Virtual iPod breach Apple’s copyright?
    No. Virtual iPod does not infringe Apple© copyright; does not enable Fairplay licensees to play protected content not authorized through iTunes© and does not enable users to connect to the iTunes server.

  • Can I transfer my friends music from their iPod to my hard disk legally?
    No. Transferring music between any electronic device is illegal if you are not the legal owner of the music; this is infringing copyright.

  • I have lost my activation code, can I get a new one?
    You can obtain your activation code(s) at any time by Clicking Here, and entering your email address at the bottom of the page.

  • How many iPods can I connect at once?
    You are only limited by the number of USB/Firewire connections available on your computer.

  • Why does Virtual iPod create a backup of my iPod database?
    The first time you restore content to your iPod, the application displays the following message.

    Our backup functionality minimizes the possibility of any data loss, while providing you with the ability to restore your valuable content at any time in the future.

  • How much disk space does the backup facility use?
    The backup facility makes a copy of your iPod database, not the songs themselves.

    If your iPod was a book, think of the backup as taking a copy of the book's index, not the actual content.

    This being the case, the backup takes up very little space, but will depend upon the number of songs you have stored on your iPod.

    The backup is stored on the iPod, not on your computer.

  • What are network iPods?
    You can connect to your other iPods over a Local Area Network (LAN). To do this, you first have to "share" the iPod so your other computers can connect to it.

    To Create a Network Share
  • Firstly right-click on the iPod in Windows Explorer, and select "Sharing and Security".
  • Click "New Share" and give it a name like "JoesNano".
  • Click "Permissions" and set the appropriate Read/Write security you want other computers to have.
  • Click "OK".

    To Connect to a Network iPod

  • Right-click on "My Network Places" in Windows Explorer, and select "Map Network Drive".
  • Select the drive identifier you want to use for the iPod.
  • Browse or type in the network address to your "JoesNano" share, for example \\JoesComputer\JoesNano.
  • Click "Finish".

  • Is the software open source?
    Unfortunately no.

  • Are you planning a Mac OSX version?
    There are no plans at this stage.

  • Will the program run under Windows Vista (32bit)?
    Yes. This has been thoroughly tested.

  • Will the program run in 64bit Windows?
    This hasn't been tested but it should run without any problems due to it being written using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Do you offer volume licensing discounts?
    Yes, Please contact us.

  • Do you have an OEM distribution?
    Yes. Please contact us.

  • This software is not to be used to share copyrighted material, or infringe the rights of copyright holders.

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