The system tray speech bubble is constantly displaying "Converting..." although I am not accessing music!

This is often caused by anti-virus applications performing routine file checks. To solve this exclude the iPod Explorer drive from those being checked by your anti-virus application.

I'm receiving an "Setup Interrupted" error message when installing under Vista

This is generally caused when you are attempting to run the installer without first "unzipping" the file you downloaded.

Please "unzip" your installation file before running setup.exe.

I'm experiencing other difficulties installing under Vista

Please try running the installer/application with administrative privileges.

To do this simply right-click on the installer/application and select "Run as administrator".

I'm experiencing other difficulties installing under Windows XP

Please ensure that your user account is set as an Administrator account.

Check this within the Control Panel -> User Accounts.

I'm receiving a "Communication Error" or "UNKNOWN ERROR" when registering

Most commonly this problem has something to do with your firewall settings.

Sometimes people unknowingly have 2 firewalls installed on their computers, the one installed
by Microsoft as part of the operating system and a third party one which is installed by them.

Both of these firewalls will need to be configured to allow the software to finish the registration process.

My iPod doesn't show up

Please ensure that within iTunes you turn on the "Enable Disk Use" option within iPod options.

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