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Transfer music back to your PC

Need your music off your iPod, and back on your PC?

What would happen if your PC crashed, or was stolen?

How would you retrieve your music collection off your iPod? Using iTunes alone you cannot retrieve music back from your iPod.

Using iPod 2 PC you can retrieve your music and playlists in seconds.

Powerful Features

  •   Connect multiple iPods.

  •   Drag and Drop Songs, Playlists or Video
      back onto your PC.

  •   Move entire genres, albums and artists.

  •   Converts songs to .MP3 format.

  •   Quickly search for songs not on your computer,
      and transfer only those which are missing.

  •   Enhanced searching and grouping of songs.

  •   Supports your Virtual iPods.

  •   Support for the latest generation iPods.
      (including Touch / iPhone)

About iPod 2 PC...

iPod 2 PC gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens to your PC, your music is safely stored on your iPod.

Using iTunes alone there is no way to retrieve music stored on your iPod and bring it back onto your computer. This is because iTunes only allows music to be transferred "One Way", from iTunes to your iPod, not the other way around.

Using iPod 2 PC you can effortlessly transfer music, playlists and video back to your computer.

Only iPod 2 PC allows you to slice and dice your music and bring it back into your computer any way you wish, by genre, artist, album etc.

Sleep easy, if catastrophy strikes iPod 2 PC will come to your rescue.

To download a fully featured trial version Click Here

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