iPod 2 iTunes is storing music on my C Drive, how do I change the storage location?

If you are running a version of iPod 2 iTunes prior to version 3.65.3313.25059, please download and install the latest version.

With Windows explorer navigate to the folder where you installed iPod 2 iTunes and edit the "ipod2itunes.exe.config" file in notepad.

Edit the entry <add key="WorkingDir" value="" /> to <add key="WorkingDir" value="d:\temp" />
(where d:\temp is the drive/folder you wish to store your music).

I'm receiving a message stating "An attempt to connect to iTunes failed, please ensure you have iTunes 7.1 or higher installed before trying again."

This error is generally displayed because iTunes registry settings are incorrect.

To fix this problem, please follow these steps:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Press "Windows Button" + R.
  3. Type the following command: c:\program files\iTunes\iTunes.exe /regserver
Please Note:
If iTunes is not installed on your C: Drive, substitute the c: in the above command to the drive letter where iTunes is installed.

I'm receiving an "Setup Interrupted" error message when installing under Vista

This is generally caused when you are attempting to run the installer without first "unzipping" the file you downloaded.

Please "unzip" your installation file before running setup.exe.

I'm experiencing other difficulties installing under Vista

Please try running the installer/application with administrative privileges.

To do this simply right-click on the installer/application and select "Run as administrator".

I'm experiencing other difficulties installing under Windows XP

Please ensure that your user account is set as an Administrator account.

Check this within the Control Panel -> User Accounts.

I'm receiving a "Communication Error" or "UNKNOWN ERROR" when registering

Most commonly this problem has something to do with your firewall settings.

Sometimes people unknowingly have 2 firewalls installed on their computers, the one installed
by Microsoft as part of the operating system and a third party one which is installed by them.

Both of these firewalls will need to be configured to allow the software to finish the registration process.

My iPod doesn't show up

Please ensure that within iTunes you turn on the "Enable Disk Use" option within iPod options.

After installing the latest version of iTunes, your product freezes on startup

This is because iTunes recently changed the format of the iPod internal database.

As a result a new version of all of our software was released to deal with the update.

If you are experiencing this problem, please download and install the latest version
of the product by clicking here.

Call was rejected by callee

When iPod 2 iTunes starts up iTunes is launched.

You will retrieve this message if iTunes is busy, or has a dialog displayed.


1. Press the 'Quit' button on the error dialog.

2. Clear all of the dialogs displayed by iTunes.

3. Restart iPod 2 iTunes.

iPod 2 iTunes fails to start

After the licensing dialog disappears you may encounter a message stating that iPod 2 iTunes could not start.

This most commonly occurs when an older version of iTunes is installed on your computer.

iPod 2 iTunes requires that iTunes version 7.1 (or above) is installed.


Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

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