Product Suite now merged into iPod 2 iPod

For a long time we have been working on combining many of our applications into a single product.

This includes:

iPod 2 iPod
iPod 2 iPhone
iPod 2 iTunes
iPod 2 PC
Virtual iPod

The benefit to you is not only does it cost you over $100 less to have access to all the products, but also,
it's far more convenient having all the functionality in just one product.

Doing so has actually created additional functionality, allowing you to do things which were not possible
when the products were separate.

Having all the functionality in a single application also allows us to be faster at providing updates when
new versions of iPods and iTunes are released.

Existing owners of the applications above can upgrade for a reduced cost.

Customers who have purchased The Downunder Pack suite can send an email to including their purchase receipt for a free upgrade
to the latest version of iPod 2 iPod.

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